About Us

About Us

Saath is a voluntary organization, which was started in Ahmedabad on 27th November, 1998. It is a non-religious, non-political organization that values human life and feelings. Saath is a member of Befrinders Worldwide, an international organization which is recognized by the UN, and has 401 member centers in 38 countries across the continents with 31,000 trained volunteers world over. In India, we are affiliated to Befrienders India, which has 16 centres.

Saath's primary concern is prevention of suicide. It deals with people who are suicidal and are caught in a conflict between the will to live and an urge to die. People who are depressed and feel that life is not worth living may attempt suicide, which is considered a cry for help. Unfortunately this cry for help is not listened to, by many.

But, we at Saath believe, that at this point of time of ambivalence, if there is someone who can listen and understand the person's feelings and accept him unconditionally, he can unburden himself from the pain and may get back to the mainstream of life.

At Saath we offer unconditional emotional support to people who are distressed, depressed or suicidal. The centre is run entirely by the volunteers who are carefully selected and trained to handle the emotional needs of the person during crisis. They are committed, trained to listen, non-judgmental, warm and empathetic.

Our services are free, strictly confidential and the identity of the person contacting us is protected. Over ten thousand distressed people have contacted us since inception.

Anyone can contact Saath , over telephone, by letter, e-mail or in person between 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm all 365 days.

Suicide is the act of deliberately ending one's life It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!!!

Suicidal behavior often occurs in response to a situation, that the person views as overwhelming -such as emotional trauma, social isolation, terminal illness, death of a loved one, unemployment, financial problems, guilt feelings or dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Suicide takes away 1,12,320 lives in India every year. It is not limited to any specific age group, sex or economic background. Human emotions are the same the world over. Pain and feelings are the same, but circumstances differ. Despair, pain, anxiety, loneliness and suicide have no geographical boundaries and make no racial distinction. "I cannot go on living with things the way they are", is spoken in every language. Tears need no translation.

A suicidal person needs

Someone who would listen to him/her and has the time and will to provide undivided attention without trying to advising or intruding.

Someone who can be trusted and who can treat that person with dignity and maintain confidentiality.

Someone who shows care, is approachable and who will offer empathetic and unconditional acceptance and understanding.

Someone who makes him/her feel - "I am not alone".

How else do we help?

By reaching out to:

Students at educational institutions

Terminally ill patients at hospitals

Army Personnel

Senior citizens at old age homes

Several work places and communities

You can help too

By being a volunteer at Saath

Inform about Saath to people in distress s

Support with donations.